Chinese Video Exercises

In this site you find a collection of video clips in Chinese. A set of multiple-choice questions follows each video clip. The transcript of each video is written in traditional Chinese, the English translation appears in a pop-up window.

In order to read the Chinese text you need to use the correct encoding, Traditional Chinese (Big 5). In your browser go under the View menu, select Character Set (or Encoding), and choose Traditional Chinese (Big 5). If you still do not see the text display properly, click here to see how to set up the fonts to display Traditional Chinese (Big 5) encoding. Movies are in Quick Time format (click here to download Quick Time plugin). JavaScript needs to be enabled in order to do the exercises. For any technical problems, please contact Marisa Castagno.

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Unit 3

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Special thanks to the CET at Middlebury College for providing the original videos and technical assistence during the implementation of the site